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Inscrit le : 28-08-2017
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Oil Painting problem    (17-10-17 @ 10:05:45)        

I am struggling with the drying of oil paints, specifically dark colours. Lets say I mix burnt umber and ultramarine blue to get a dark colour. This is applied to a section of the painting. Some parts of this will dry differently. Some parts look dry and others look shiny . I guess this is something to do with the oil pigment being absorbed. (?) This is very frustrating when I am building up detail and further colours on top as the shiny part looks different to the dry part.
When the painting is complete I use a retouching varnish which sorts this problem out and makes the entire surface the same. It is during painting where the problem lies as Iusually have to go over the dark areas to get them all looking the same whilst I’m working.

Please help.

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  Index du forum > Tous les forums > Oil Painting problem

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