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Inscrit le : 28-08-2017
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problem with audio drag & drop    (29-09-17 @ 11:02:10)        

I recorded loops with the internal recorder as audio files and tried to drag them into the arranger of the DAW. I tried this with Studio One v3 and Reaper 5 - it does not work for me.
With recorded midi files it works. I can drag them into the DAWs arranger windows and everything works fine. But with audio loops...nope.
Crawled through the manual and forums, google... but did not find any hint.
Maybe someone can help me with this.

I am using Strike 2.0.5 x64 with Windows 7 x64 as VST2 plugin. My DAWs are Studio One 3.0.2 and Reaper 5.0

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


whiteboard animation examples

  Index du forum > Général > Musique > problem with audio drag & drop

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