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naer mataron

catégorie  metal extrème
style  black metal
pays  grece
statut  actif
site officiel

Pas de biographie pour le moment

Naer Mataron, nouveau label 14-03-2007

Le groupe de black grec, Naer Mataron, vient de signer sur le label français Season Of Mist.

Commentaire du groupe : "The last period was really victorious for NAER MATARON. We composed the harshest and most extreme music we ever had for our new album. So the next big step was taken, as we are now proud to announce our signing to Season of Mist. We are more strong and enthusiastic than ever before and feel that we are also supported henceforth in the same spirit. To this point, we wish to extend our salute to the hordes that supported our black metal war machine throughout the last 13 years and especially thank Michael and Season of Mist for giving us the chance to deliver what will be the most extreme and uncompromising work of NAER MATARON to date."

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