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Inscrit le : 28-08-2017
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Need help finding a very specific metal band    (03-11-17 @ 13:12:20)        

Hey guys.

I need help finding out who this amazing metal band are.

I can't remember what they sound like or what they're called.

But i remember that their band name is formed of either a vague and pessimistic half sentence that has no context or a graphic and intensely apocalyptic concept with no context.

They also like to dress in mainly black and other dark clothing with jeans, jackets and boots as their stalwart look. The singer may have tattoos. All 4 members will stare dispondently or angrily at the camera with a desolate, industrial or smoke-filled rural background. At least one of them will be wearing a classic metal band t-shirt.

They've often appeared on metal news sites like Blabbermouth either commenting ambiguously on Trump's America or saying things like "our next album will be our darkest ever".

Can you guys help please????

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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  Index du forum > Général > Musique > Need help finding a very specific metal band

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